Frequently Asked Questions


What is Payzoff?

Payzoff is a global payment solution that allows businesses providing digital content and services to accept payments from more than 100 global and regional payment systems.

Who can use Payzoff?

Any merchant of digital goods and services can use Payzoff. Hosting companies, gaming sites, SaaS, dating sites, mobile and web apps, digital and online services, subscriptions, donation collections, and more can all utilize Payzoff for seamless and secure payments from anywhere in the world.

What payment options can I accept with Payzoff?

Payzoff supports more than 100 different payment methods, and we are continually evaluating and adding options as payment methods around the world change. Virtually every type of payment can be processed using Payzoff, including major credit cards, PayPal, debit cards, bank transfers, e-vouchers, e-Wallets, prepaid cards, mobile or phone payments, and many other lesser-known payment methods used in certain parts of the world.

I already offer credit card and PayPal payments to my users. Why do I need your platform?

Major credit cards and PayPal are how the majority of payments are made, but by only accepting these two payment options, you are limiting your sales. There are more than 100 different payment methods used around the world by a significant number of consumers. Payzoff supports them all, and allows you to do business anywhere in the world.

Are recurring or subscription payments possible with Payzoff?

Yes, they are. Our recurring billing feature makes it easy to process cyclical payments for subscription sites, services, donations, and more.

Can Payzoff be used for mobile payments?

Yes. We recognize that mobile payments are the future of purchasing, and we have designed Payzoff with that in mind.


How much does it cost to use Payzoff?

Payzoff keeps things simple. There are no set-up fees, licensing fees, monthly fees, or hidden charges. Payzoff merchants pay only per-transaction fees, and ours are the lowest in the industry! These low fees are automatically deducted from each payment received.

Are there different price plans?

Per-transaction fees are the only cost for Payzoff, and we offer the lowest you will find in a comparable service. In some high-volume traffic situations, we can provide special pricing. Contact us for details.


How long will it take to get a Payzoff account?

In most cases, once you sign up, you can begin using Payzoff almost immediately. If we need to do more to meet your unique business needs, we will contact you within one business day to expedite the process. We want to be sure you’re processing more payments as soon as possible.

Will your API design match the design of our website/application?

With Payzoff your API design can be easily customized, so you can perfectly match the payment button to your website design for a personalized experience.


How do I receive payouts?

Payouts are made via wire transfers.

How long does it take to receive payouts?

We generally transfer payouts to our clients once per month. If you need a different payment schedule, however, contact us and we can adapt your individual schedule to your business needs.


What kind of fraud protection is offered by Payzoff?

Payzoff combines advanced programming algorithms with hands-on human oversight to protect your business from payment fraud. Our cutting-edge risk management technology, backed by our financial expertise, minimizes any risk to you.

How does Payzoff help with chargebacks?

Payzoff catches fraud before it happens, to prevent any fraudulent activity on all sales. You will experience less fraud loss and spend less time on manual reviews and reconciliations. Chargebacks will be minimized. Our customer support team is always available to answer any questions you have related to payments.

How can I recover my account password?

Simply go to the sign in page and click on Forgot Password. Enter the email address you registered with us, and we will send you a link to reset your password.