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A Complete Payment System for Your Website

What is Payzoff? Payzoff is a global payment platform that offers a safe and simple way to receive 100 different types of payments from consumers all around the world. Payzoff is a way to dramatically increase your sales, because it makes payments convenient for your clients. Customers simply select the payment option they prefer from your existing order form. It’s that simple.

Why use Payzoff? Online consumers have greater confidence in a website that offers domestic payment options in a secure environment. In areas around the world, the use of mobile payments, prepaid cards, e-Wallets, e-vouchers, bank transfers, cash, and other payment methods have grown in the absence of strong credit card penetration. If you want to reach consumers all over the world, one or two payment options aren’t enough. By using Payzoff, you can offer dozens of payment choices that are trusted and preferred. Your website will convert more visitors into loyal, returning customers. And you will see the results in increased sales.

Who can use Payzoff? Payzoff is specifically designed for developers and publishers of digital content. Online subscriptions. Dating sites. Gaming sites. Social media. Donation collection sites. Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors. Web apps. Digital and online services. Any product or service that is delivered in digital form is perfectly suited to use Payzoff global payment platform.

Payzoff is the solution to a fractured payment landscape, creating a direct pipeline from your customers’ preferred payment methods to your bank account. No hassles or confusion at any point along the way. Payzoff is the key to opening your business to a truly worldwide marketplace.

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