Different Regions Pay Differently. Can You Take Their Payments?

You've finally moved into the exploding e-commerce world, and now you're ready to take on new customers around the globe. Your business should be growing exponentially, but it's only ticking up slightly. So what's the problem?

It could be that your potential Brazilian customers are using MercadoPago, but you aren't set up to take those payments. Russian shoppers keep searching for the Yandex.Money pay option, but it's nowhere to be found. In The Netherlands, they wonder why you don't accept iDEAL payments. And the largest group of e-commerce shoppers in the world, Chinese consumers, are simply amazed that Alipay isn't an option, since almost half of all their online payments are made through that platform.

How can you possibly set up every payment option on your website to get these customers? Very easily, actually, and in about 30 minutes. Payzoff takes care of this problem for you, so you can concentrate on marketing your business and filling orders. See the many features that Payzoff provides for you below, and click here to see all of the payment options we can open up for your business.

Take Payments from Anywhere

Payzoff gives your customers a simple, safe, and convenient way to make online purchases in over 150 countries. Start monetizing your digital goods and services right away by accepting such payment options as prepaid cards, bank transfers, cash, phone and mobile payments, and many others.

Recurring Payments

Payzoff allows you to accept recurring payments in a simple and convenient way for both you and your clients for services, subscriptions, donations, and other transactions that may offer an option for ongoing payments. Clients can easily choose the length of their subscription as well.

Personalized Payment Options

Payzoff uses your customers’ geographic location and/or past purchases to present them with payment methods they are most likely to choose and are accustomed to using. This boosts customer satisfaction, increases conversions, streamlines transactions, and eliminates lost sales.

Customized to Match Your Style

Payzoff is fully customizable, integrates easily, and perfectly complements any existing website or game you use. We will design the interface to match the look and language of your current web site, making the Payzoff payment platform completely transparent to your site visitors.

Adapted for Mobile

Payzoff is built with a responsive design that adapts automatically to mobile phone and tablet screens. Your customers are more mobile than ever, and their payment screen should be as easily readable and navigable from their mobile devices as it is from their computers.

Automatic Currency Conversion

Payzoff simplifies the payment process when it comes to different currencies. Your customers pay in their preferred currency, and you get your payments deposited in your bank in the currency your prefer. There are no calculations to do and no guesswork. Payzoff handles everything in the background.

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